Who We Are

The team behind MHEA, founded at the University of Washington, Seattle, includes undergraduates interested in studying a variety of academic disciplines. A passion for mental health advocacy is what unites us.

What We Do

MHEA is a student led organization that aims to spread awareness for and destigmatize various mental health issues that middle school and high school students experience across the globe. To do this, we conduct workshops that follow a peer to student model. Our team members and volunteers travel to high schools, present information, and lead discussions about mental health. We strive to equip students with strategies to identify symptoms, avert escalation of an issue, and help themselves or a friend in need.

About Us

In our endeavor to equip adolescents with a familiarity and understanding of mental illness, MHEA provides a platform for peers to lead one another towards a state of acceptance and recognition.

Our Team

Our Motivation

Ever since I have come across the organisation, MHEA, it has only helped and educated me. Considering how deep-rooted the issue of mental health is, in terms of the stigma attached to it, the reluctance to seek help, or people's perception towards those with mental illness, we still have a long way to go. With MHEA, I continue to strive to make the community around me as educated about mental health as they can be.


Kartikeye KhannaVolunteer

During my schooling in India, I've seen friends grappling with depression and anxiety unable to seek help because of the stigma associated with mental health issues. My time at UW helped me understand that the first step to providing effective mental healthcare was to create a conducive atmosphere that facilitates conversations about this very important issue. Through the MHEA workshops, I hope to help do away with misinformed perceptions regarding mental illnesses, and emphasize the need to seek treatment just as one would with physical illness.


Sairandri SathyanarayananFounder

MHEA's unique idea of conducting workshops that specifically focused on mental health issues really piqued my interest. I had personally experienced depression in grade 11; I felt that MHEA is the right platform to not only salvage myself from my situation, but also educate others about mental health issues.


Srihari BalajiVolunteer

Our Solution


Our trained team members and volunteers conduct a series of peer-led discussion workshops for middle school and high school students. Through these workshops, students get the opportunity to develop important skills that help them cope with their own personal struggles while supporting a friend that may also have issues with mental health.


We provide a platform for peers to interact and lead one another towards awareness about mental health issues by establishing a MHEA club at every school we visit. This club will build a safe and support environment for students while helping to end the stigma surrounding mental health as the conversation about it is initiated and will continue long after we leave.


High school student volunteers are trained by the MHEA team to successfully conduct these workshops, facilitate conversations about mental health among students, and guide them to mental health resources in their city.


Participating students learn the symptoms, treatments, and coping mechanisms for various mental health issues including depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and suicide. Students will also learn how to build healthy relationships with their families and peers, and they will hear about several strategies about how to supporting a friend in need.

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